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Another Montessori Giveaway

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Montessori Print Shop Giveaway

Well, Montessori Print Shop is doing it again folks. They are holding a huge giveaway to celebrate their 8th anniversary delivering affordable Montessori materials via pdf and Cd-rom. I use their materials all of the time!

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Sensory Play Ideas

Here is a link to a great blog post about the many different materials you can use for a sensory tub in your home or school (or homeschool):

In our Montessori Preschool in Rochester, our sensory play includes: play dough, modeling clay, beeswax, sidewalk chalk, bird feed, rice, river rocks, glass stones, raffia, water or assorted dry beans in the past. The first three are especially good at exercising those fine motor muscles in the hands and fingers — which is vital for handwriting and other fine motor activities!



Rochester Preschools

Rochester preschools are plentiful but our preschool is very unique. First of all, it is not in a commercial building, but in a home environment. We can only accept a handful of students each year to take advantage of our low teacher to student ratio.

Our preschool curriculum is different too. Students are given lots of free choice and independent work and play time. Of course, we begin with a whole group literacy lesson and then break into small groups for reading, writing and math instruction. So, when the teacher is working with a student, the others are free to explore the Montessori materials, enjoy an art project, or help prepare snack for their friends.

The most important thing that sets us apart from larger preschools in Rochester NY is our lead teacher’s training and philosophy. Our lead teacher is a trained and New York certified reading instructor, so you can rest assured that your child will be receiving top-notch literacy instruction. And this specialized teaching is provided for each student at his or her own level and pace. Rather than expecting all children a certain age to have specific knowledge, we start with what each child knows and build a foundation that takes into account the child’s strengths.

We also pride ourselves on being a learning community. The children are various ages and become like brothers and sisters. The older ones help the younger ones and they both learn from this wonderful, family style dynamic. We also emphasize responsibility for taking care of ourselves and our class environment. We help cook and clean and keep our work areas organized. That includes lessons in grace, courtesy and politeness. And when disagreements break out, we look at them as opportunities to learn the peaceful resolution of conflict rather than something to be avoided.

Here is a video to give you a better picture of what an education is like here at the Montessori inspired Sibley Learning Center, a unique Rochester preschool:

Another Montessori Giveaway

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Good luck!

Rebecca Wolf

My Montessori Homeschool in Rochester

Why I homeschool in Rochester

My first experience with Montessori education was when my little brother attended a Montessori preschool as part of his speech therapy. He absolutely loved the teachers, the environment, the other children, it was like his home away from home. I was impressed that such a school could take a three year old with limited language skills and help him feel so successful and happy, especially when he was so easily frustrated at home.

When I had my first child, I knew that I would homeschool her. We moved to Rochester when she was almost four and had the good fortune to meet a trained Montessori teacher who taught out of her home, just a few blocks from us. I immediately enrolled my daughter and soon realized how enriching the environment was for her and how well the teacher came to know my daughter. As a trained reading teacher, I was impressed by her careful observations of my child and how she could teach every student at their own individual level.

As a teacher, I knew that “center work” was inspired by Maria Montessori, but never really understood the philosophy behind learning centers. I also had the opportunity to be trained in Reading Recovery, developed by Marie Clay, who was heavily influenced by Montessori’s work, but longed to know more.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to observe a Montessori classroom and visit a Montessori school. After seeing everything in action and taking the parent workshops offered by my daughter’s Montessori teacher, I began to see that the Montessori philosophy is really an entirely different way to approach education. And you can’t really grasp that philosophy until you experience an internal transformation because it is so all-encompassing.

Our Montessori preschool in Rochester

I am now homeschooling my two children using what I know about the Montessori method. Because I heard so many other parents in Rochester who were interested in Montessori but not wanting to commit to a full day private school or private preschool, I decided to share my children’s instruction with other interested families.  I am looking forward to these classes helping me to become more Montessori-like as I guide my children through their homeschooling years.

I am attracted to the concept of cosmic education, meeting children’s needs at a variety of levels and giving them both freedom and responsibility to work and structure their time within a prepared environment. Even though I consider myself an eclectic homeschooling mom, I feel very honored to share my Montessori Homeschool with preschool children here in Rochester.

Rebecca Wolf

6 Things to Include in Your Child’s Day

I saw this list on The Lilting House Archive and had to share it.

Six Things to Include in Your Child’s Day:

  • meaningful work
  • imaginative play
  • good books
  • beauty (art, music, nature)
  • ideas to ponder and discuss
  • prayer


Hello Spring!

We have been working diligently as always here at the Sibley Learning Center. Last week, we went on a flower hunt and a bug hunt as we walked around the neighborhood looking for signs of spring. The children were delighted to find a slug and what looked like wood lice and millipedes under various rocks. We have also noticed the solitary ground bees in the backyard who quietly go about their own business and then fly back to individual holes in the ground.

We are learning the nomenclature for the egg and parts of the flower. We are also brushing up on our letter formation, letter sounds and creating sentences in our journals. For art, we made pictures out of crushed and dyed eggshells as well as watercolor painting. I haven’t been able to sing the past two weeks from a nasty cold but should be back to normal for the last music class this Thursday.

I can’t believe there are only 7 weeks left of the spring semester. Many new friends have joined us in the past two weeks and the classroom culture is thriving from the new energy and friendships forming. I even have a teaching assistant who is able to join us on Thursdays — welcome Lisa! Overall, I am very happy with the level of student work, engagement and cooperation we have here. I will be providing you with more detailed feedback before the end of the semester, but wanted to provide you with a quick update now.