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Primary Homeschooling Group Starting this Fall

Starting in September, I will host a homeschooling group for primary grade learning. I’m planning for one hour of reading and writing, time for math and center work, theme-inspired projects, and one hour of play. I’d like to experiment with student-led projects/themes ala the Expeditionary Learning model to guide our explorations.

We’ll begin with an introduction to Montessori’s Great Lessons, which may take us into a study of Earth’s earliest periods. This will provide a great segue into a unit of study on First Peoples. If my animal-loving daughter has anything to say, we will also be studying Endangered Animals and Habitats at some point in the year, too.

Judging from the students who have already committed to joining us this fall, lessons will be geared to a first and second-grade level. Reading instruction will be differentiated by student progress, so students will be reading books at an instructional level without fear of frustration or boredom. Most of our students fall within a first-second grade level now, so that is where I plan to start.

Math instruction will be a combination of hands-on materials, such as the base ten blocks and Montessori’s golden bead materials, and more abstract representations of number as we progress. We may also draw from the Math-U-See Alpha and Beta programs as well as the Singapore Math workbooks.

There will also be numerous centers available that include: sorting, classifying, measurement, reading, writing, handwriting, geography, poetry, and art.

I plan to post our current theme, so if your child is interested in joining us for one specific unit of study, s/he may be free to do so, without having to commit to the whole year. If you are unsure about whether this group may be too sophisticated or too basic for your child, please give me a call so we can talk about it.

Class times will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 – 12. Fridays are reserved for field trips, independent project work, guest speakers, and whatever else strikes our fancy. Fridays can be here at the Center, or at a destination of our choice. I’m hoping parents will help coordinate our Friday agenda.

Cost will be around $20 a day, but check out my Financial Aid page if that seems out of your family’s reach right now.

Hope you can join us in the fun!
Rebecca Wolf

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